St Olave Hart Street and St Katharine Cree: Churches with London at Heart

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Sanctuary in the City

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This website is currently being updated.

Please visit for information on  Olave Hart Street.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email the office at:

VISIT St Olave Hart Street

The church is open Monday to Thursday from 10.00am to 5.00pm, except in the weeks immediately after Christmas and Easter, and during the month of August.


The clergy and staff of St Olave’s are here to welcome and serve you in the name of Jesus Christ, whether you live or work in the City or further afield.


Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are:


  • Needing personal spiritual counsel

  • Seeking to know more about the Christian Faith

  • Planning a special service such as a wedding or memorial

  • Enquiring about the history of the church and its people

  • Wanting further information about services, events and activities

  • Interested in becoming involved!


We encourage visitors, but recommend that those travelling long distances to visit the church – particularly those coming from overseas – contact the church office in advance to check that the building will be open on the day and at the time they plan to visit. Although we will always do our best to accommodate you, please bear in mind that visiting may be restricted, and on some occasions impossible, particularly when there are private services and other events in progress.


Those bringing groups are particularly advised to contact us beforehand in order to avoid disappointment.


Throughout the year we have a full programme of services and cultural events, details of which can be found by following the appropriate links on this site.


Monument of Peter Turner (died 1614) in St Olave's.


Following bomb damage in World War II, the effigy of Dr Turner, who was Physician at St Batholomew's Hospital in the 1580s, was lost. Following its appearance at auction in 2010, the effigy was restored to the church after negotiation in 2011. The monument was reinstated in 2013, incorporating elements of its original fabric that had been in storage at the church since the 1950s.


The installation, which includes new cabinet work, was carried out by Colin Bowles Ltd and the monumental inscription, of which there was historical record, was recreated in gilt lettering on slate by Lucy Haugh.


photo Phil Manning



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