St Olave Hart Street and St Katharine Cree: Churches with London at Heart

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Sanctuary in the City

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ST OLAVE’S is one of the few surviving mediaeval buildings in London and the burial place of Samuel Pepys. With many links to historic City organisations, this little church is sought after as a place of spiritual encounter and refreshment.

ST KATHARINE’S was built in the 17th century on earlier foundations and provides a time capsule of English history. In this architecturally unique church the message of Christ is still proclaimed in the world of today.



Two churches with one mission – to give space for grace in the 21st century. Founded many centuries ago, St Olave Hart Street and  St Katharine Cree remain centres of Christian life and worship in the heart of the City of London.





Services at St Olave’s

Sunday | 11.00am | Holy Communion

We have services every Sunday at 11.00am

A children’s programme that takes place alongside this service.


Tuesday | 12.30pm | Holy Communion

A service of Holy Communion following Common Worship, followed by coffee and sandwiches.



Services at St Katharine’s

Wednesday | 1.05pm | Not on a Sunday

An informal worship service of prayer & song followed by coffee.


Thursday | 1.05pm | Holy Communion

A more traditional service of Holy Communion, followed by coffee.